This is for you if you want...

- All the ideas and the 'how to get results' for the ideas that matter

- Actions that work not just ideas

- You'd like to triple the brainpower and energy that goes into all your projects from the ground up

- To see all the corners of profitability and possibility within your business and skillset

- To know how to achieve results within several moves. From marketing know how, to various business offers, to utilising your network successfully
Let's Set YOU on FIRE!
It’s time to wake up and show up.
It's time to capitalise on all the opportunities that lay before you.
To re-create from the ashes.
To create from the ideas that are waiting to be birthed. Now.

This is a home-study course

6 Weeks To Download All The Ideas & Choose The Pivots, Then Execute For Profit

Here is what it it's about; 
Weekly video trainings, audio drops and homework for you to upgrade through a Facebook group.
Access to all material and replays for a lifetime.
Regular Q and A with Kate an entrepreneur of over 24 years and a single mother for much of that time, 
who understands the need for hustle balanced with real life.

Module 1

a. Deciding more is possible & being open to receive ALL the ideas
What is the outcome you'd like for your life? Why even bother with these projects?

b. All the ideas;
Unblocking the passageway to receive as many ideas as possible
How to constantly unblock the receiving of new ideas. It's been said that your problems can solve other people's solutions.
It's also been said (by Einstein and Napoleon Hill), that you can tune into anyone anywhere at any time to ask what they would do.

Module 2
What actions to now take. The first and many steps for growth and results. 

Module 3
Marketing that connects messaging that feels good and creates opportunities. What gets done in the background creates huge opportunities i.e. energetically who are you being.

Module 4
Relationships. Capitalising on yours and other networks. Relationships are always key to creation and expansion and are often forgotten in traditional business or marketing models.
We will talk about broadening your reach, broadening your ideas and choosing who you help and who you deal with.

Module 5
Uncomfortable conversations for transformation. Sales success.
From proposals and negotiations to sales.

Module 6
The doing of No-thing
The Void. 
From learning to sit comfortably with few instructions and sitting in the void, then taking action regardless of motivation. Understanding the fine balance. Then deciding what 1-2 SIMPLE things you get to take action on… now and ongoing.

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