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Increase your revenue by $3k / Week 
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On this free Webinar Specifically for Female Personal Trainers and Health Coaches, where you simply click, listen and watch from the privacy of your device, you will; 
Discover How Elevate Yourself To Expert Status in The Community, Package Yourself Easily 
& Build Your PT Business Rapidly AND Ethically to Increase Your Revenue by a Minimum of $3k / Week Using What I Teach You

Wed Aug 16th 
11am Perth, 
3pm New Zealand. 

Your presenter - Kate Martin

Helping female Fitness Professionals grow their influence and income FAST with creative package solutions, proven sales systems and intelligent mindset work. A PT and business owner herself, for over 18 years.

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On This Free Webinar You Will Learn:
The Fastest Way to Expert Status
Learn how to reach more people by packaging you to target YOUR Market and elevating yourself to expert status in the community. Offline and Online, all done WITHOUT needing an ONLINE following
INCREASE by $3k/Week in <90 days
Learn how to Ramp up your business model, FAST! She will show you the simple systems she's developed, executed and coached others on successfully, over the past 18 years

Workshops and Seminars
Learn why and how to execute small workshops and seminars to build your Business and FAST. Even if you don't have an 'Online' presence yet
Why listen to Kate?


Jane more than 5 x her income

Fiona Maree Lamb - more than x 5 her income

”I knew I needed a mentor for a long time, but no one hit the nail on the head for me. I was ready to give up on my business and defeatedly started looking at 9-5 jobs.

I lacked confidence, had no voice, had no idea about how to tell people what I did, or really have any structure around it. I felt so hickeldy pickeldy. Clients walked all over me. I had no plan or packages. It was messy and I was messy. Kate understood everyone’s needs are different. She helped me set and achieve weekly goals. Got me WELL out of my comfort zone (lots of tears around self learning) which is where I needed to be as a business woman and a confident person. Now I have a growing business network, I’ve moved locations, I run 2 premises, I’ve several staff and am continuing to grow. 
I feel in charge of my business. I get shit done. Having Kate and having the accountability weekly has been my best investment yet. I firmly believe everyone needs a business mentor ALL THE TIME. She understands where you’re at, unlike so many friends and family that don’t, she keeps you in check and in charge. If you want a genuine kick up the bum she’s the person for you.”

- Fiona Maree Lamb, Exercise Physiologist, Remedial Therapist and Chek Practitioner

Fiona more than 5 x her income

Wed Aug 16th, 1pm VIC/NSW/QLD, 11am Perth, 3pm New Zealand.
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