Free 2019 Marketing Plan for Personal Trainers
plus - 6 months of programs for 
semi private group strength training 
from Kate Martin - The Personal Training Mentor (A coach herself for 20 years)
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This is 2019 Marketing Calendar is for you if you;
- Are a personal trainer looking to get 'better known', both online and in the community.

- You have never had a marketing plan before but know you should have one to run your business successfully - meaning a more stable and regular income!

- Would like more people know who you are, so you create MUCH more demand for your services. Allowing you to increase your prices or have a waiting list.

- Are an experienced Coach and love several niches, in fact you probably like helping everyone and therefore feel overwhelmed with where to begin marketing your services to find your ideal clients.

- If you want to know how long to advertise for before launching anything.

- Want to see how online can lead to more face to face clients, and vice versa.

- To help you know ahead of time how the seasons and public holidays (no matter where you live), are going to affect your income.

- You’d like help to understand how national events, seasons and celebrations can be used to your advantage, rather than have to react to ‘less bookings/clients on random weeks’ in the quieter periods… for what feels like no ‘real’ reason at all. (Hint - there’s always a reason and it’s better to be prepared - obviously.)

Lastly - this is to help you to plan your entire year, based around the niches that you are interested in and to help you find more of those people and be able to earn what you are worth.
(This is what good marketing is all about and too few ‘great coaches’ know how to do it, so please pass this calendar on to another great coach you know.)
PLUS - You get 6 months worth of group training strength programs.
All periodised and explained to save you hours of time plus get your clients the best results!
"I just implemented one of your suggestions Kate and made $2300!"
- Jo Taylor, Sydney

"I've only had time to try 2 of the tips you gave us and signed up 4 new 12 week clients in the past few hours!"
- S. Peters, Auckland

Where should we send your gifts?
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