What, and how?

The simple reality of what we are going to do is to open you up and take action to receive more. 
By letting go of all that's in the way (without digging up the past). 

Then it will be replaced with the truth of what you always were and always knew before 'things' got in the way. Inspiration will arrive by the way, because of the simple act of expectation and release.
4 Weeks of Recoding You To Receive
It’s time to wake up.
It’s time to start allowing more. Now. Yesterday.
Hold onto your hats in this journey to the next level.
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Time that's designed to up-level your ability to
remember, trust and therefore receive 'all the things’, (this ain't really about 'manifesting')

So if you're up for a game of receiving More? More Money, More love, joy, fun and excitement... This is for you. I believe it comes as a package. 
When you unblock one thing, it has massive ripple effects on your relationship with the others.

Unless for some strange reason you believe you don’t deserve anything else and that life will in never change? 
And you are therefore choosing for it to stay the same?
If that’s the case it won’t work & you wouldn’t be reading this, but you are.

So moving right along...

During the next 4 weeks, here's what you will experience;

- Upgrading the way you show up. For you & your business (which is for your people and your greater cause right, not you and not for numbers)... Note: this does not mean ‘doing-more’.

- Unfolding & creating your own sales process, aka therefore unlocking your income. Easily and ethically.

- Simplifying everything, it's the mess we create and the voices we listen to within ourselves, that stop things coming in as quick as we want.

- We will progress your journey on releasing the limiting beliefs that are holding things in the same patterns.

Expect the unexpected.
Expect results.
That’s when they arrive.

Here’s how it will go;

There will be regular video sessions - these will stay in the group to watch or download later as audios. Watch the replays and ask me questions in the group.

Audios and a short written tasks and actionable items to do so you experience;

- The opening up of you
- It will shine a light on what you have not seen
- It will open you up to create many and more exciting opportunities and experiences, faster than ever before
- Continually releasing the reasons the b.s. in the way of you being able to tune in
- Tuning into your talents and monetizing them
- Forget all the stories why you simply cannot
- Creating your life without excuses (ok honestly they will always be there, but you can literally start to get over them and make other choices in a matter of moments)
- All done WITHOUT digging up and reliving pain
- Time to move on and into trust
- Oh and an increase in income goes without saying

The work will get done but not in a methodically driven way. This will be an experience.

You see, you know theres a reason you are where you are and experience what you experience. 
You designed it, consciously or not. 
So you can redesign it. easily. effortlessly, simply starting by knowing what you don’t want. (& I bet you know what that is, right?)

So lets shine a light on those things and get started here by clicking above.

It’s time to wake up.
It’s time to start with us. Now. Yesterday. 
Hold onto your hats.

 What we will be covering in the 10 modules PLUS bonus material on sales and launching

What IF NONE of the ways that have been spoken about so far to date, in the world, or that you have learned, are the right one for you? To help you get the thing?
Which means you need another idea, inspiration or a chance meeting to arrive to move it forwards.

Time multipliers 
How to bring in what you want faster than you had ever planned or imagined. How to feel like there is always an abundance of time.

Practical steps for money 
plus lots of behaviours and thoughts around this to stop doing.
No more holding back and separating things. You are no doubt generous by nature, so do not turn that tap off. Just make sure you have your own boundaries, especially around ‘time’, eg answering Q’s from clients. Or others needing your precious time or attention.

Being able to do the thing, put basic plans in place and relinquishing control, having faith it will happen when it’s meant to happen and the sooner we become what we need to be, to be able to see it.. the sooner it will be our reality.

Choosing and creating what you want
Get CLEAR + Upgrade (small and big things)
Deciding what we do want, constantly rejigging this. We can always get better. We can always ask for other things. We can do lots of good with the ‘more money’, but really this is not separate from big things like world peace, or smaller things like having a cleaner to help you, or wanting a good relationship with members of your family. All are available.

Law of attraction mumbo jumbo - INSTEAD
Think of it as no longer trying to breathe air through a straw. Rather this is allowing what's always been there. It's simple. Us humans can over complicate it.

 Clarity & Certainty 
Knowing what the right move is and when and how to listen to the inner voice - which one of the 15 voices are right? Eg, whats the best move in business to make. What actually matters in terms of ‘moving the needle’ forward. How to know when you are clear and how to always have the answer.

Clear & Shedding 
Letting go of what we don't need. Habits, which are formed mainly by beliefs. Eg, you may believe that you need to do XX or YY to get 'such and such a result' 
when the truth is XX result can be attained a million different ways.
What IF NONE of the ways that have been spoken about so far to date, in the world, or that you have learned, are the right one for you? To help you get the thing?
Which means you need another idea, inspiration or a chance meeting to arrive to move it forwards

Your own SALES process
Creating it and feeling good about it. Aka therefore unlocking your income. Easily and ethically.
Discussing; Ways I have done it in the past, what I do now and how to choose what works for you. Calling in the right people means it becomes easier. Not caring about the end result is also a key factor. Would you like to have that feeling about ‘the sale’?

Re-setting techniques
Creating physical space and fun when you are ‘busy’ and cannot possible 'do' more.
Especially more space in your mind.
This helps to stop you feeling constricted - Therefore allowing you to feel more in flow. Or in tune with your higher self, or just happier and more you.
Being Brave - Upgrading the way you show up 
I don't mean becoming an extrovert if you aren’t one, nor am I talking about making videos, although you can, they do work.
This starts with conversations that need to be had and tidying up what needs to be tidied. Lose ends take up more space than necessary.. and they block what could be a clear path.

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