Together, We Will Create (from scratch), 
Execute And Sell Your Online Course Now! 
with Kate Martin Mentor the Personal Trainer Mentor & Creator of 'Female in Sales'
This online course is for you if you;
Want to create your own online course but you aren’t sure where to start. 
- The technology is confusing...
- How does one put it together?
- What do you teach?
- How do you deliver the content?
- Who will buy it?
- What do you charge?!?
- Online courses can be more than a little confusing and somewhat overwhelming when you dive in right?

Let me hold your hand from concept and creation, to design through to execution (meaning sales!!!) 
Yes, during the actual course!

No website or tech 'know-how' is needed. I promise.


The below example is what's possible. $10k in sales within 5 days when she implemented what I taught her...
(A method, which, to be honest is NOT being taught elsewhere...).

This method works for ALL service based industries.
If you are unsure if it's for you, please send Kate an email at;  kate@katemartinmentor.com

We cover;

  • ​We will not only create your online course, from scratch, but I’m going to show you how to sell it and we will do it in 4 weeks.
  • ​Have access forever to the recordings and ask me questions as you go through if you can’t make it live.
  • ​This course will be run live with weekly calls. Available for all timezones, with resources unavailable anywhere else.

Yes, it's incredible value, and it's going to revolutionise your business income!
NO software, subscriptions or TECH needed! NONE!
 In this 4 week online course
You are going to implement all this plus more!  
PLUS you get lifetime access to the video material and also Q and A with me!
This is for you if you;

- Have a face to face business or a superpower to get clients results with your expertise and you have not yet ventured into the online ’course’ space successfully.

- Have tried to launch online and failed.

- Maybe the entire idea of online courses and marketing confuses and overwhelms you, so you dare not go there.

- You've created ebooks, or downloadable PDFs for people only to have them 'flop' and go 'no-where' and not lead to ANY sales. 

- You've tried other 'online marketing and launching' methods like building a website, a blog or an email list but it’s not quite finished and you have not sold it successfully yet...

- And/or you have a network of people who you’ve helped before but they can no longer work with you, as they’ve moved away.

- If you hate being 'salesy' and want to know how to easily capitalise on your organic contacts and client list - ETHICALLY

So claim your spot, or not, by clicking the link to see how stupidly affordable this course is.

You could have extra cash in the bank before next month. PLUS add an extra $$$$$ to your bottom line in the months and years that follow with what I'll be teaching you.
You have lifetime access to the material once you join...
So what are you waiting for?
Come through to the next page to join.
Claim your place and have lifetime access to the material and Q and A with Kate, by clicking the link below.

Not tech savvy?
There's NO software, online subscriptions, websites (including your own) or TECH 'know-how' needed to complete this course. NONE!
Yes, you do not need a website!
Plus there are no 'hard-sales' or 'unethical-sales' tactics involved.

What is your heart telling you to do?
Why I made this course for you;
Since 2012 I have run numerous online programs for up to 120 clients at once in the fitness, health and wellness industry.
Ranging from 28 day to 12 week programs. From Menopausal women to personal trainers in business, to corporate health programs, to video making, to health and fertility programs.

Right now, my work is 100% online, helping others with service based businesses (mostly coaches and personal trainers) to increase their income.
Through creating packages, similar to those which I will teach you in this course, without the complex use of technology.
This has been done through a 90 day online course which helps them increase their revenue, without doing more hours.

To this day, there have been over 300 coaches (all paying well into the 4 figure mark $$$$), through the program with one of, if not THE highest success rates in the business coaching industry.
(If I don't say so myself...)
This course is won't cost you a fraction of that!

Why? Well that's what I intend to share with you in this course. So you can launch and deliver your own successful online course. ASAP. It's easier than you think!
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