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Dear Fellow Coach...

I've created something for the experienced coach who knows it's past time to stand out online, yet they (you), don't have endless hours to sit at a computer, nor would you want to and if you are honest, nor are you good at it.
But that's ok, great coaches aren't great at tech and I get it because that's me too...
Or it was when I entered the 'online world' in 2012 and I started learning about all the things you can do online.

Oh the rabbit hole of funnels, to freebies, from emails to membership products the list, if you choose to go down the rabbit hole is actually endless.
Once you go down you might even be beginning to realise there's more to this online thing than just posting a few helpful tips on social media and doing some sessions on Zoom. Perhaps you've noticed this doesn't work right now in 2021?

Where is the reward, really, for your ability to literally transform lives for the better...?
(Transformation that your clients achieve from what happens 'outside the sessions' when they implement what you taught them.)

Before they are clients though, how do you 'get them' to understand you can help them?
How does one stand out amongst the people who already have a gazillion followers online?

Well, here's an insight into how...
Q - What really makes you different? 
Let me ask you this - How do you coach people?
(Hint - you are 'you' and there's no templated plan to compete with that)
"This is how it is possible to stand out against coaches with followers of more than 10k? or 100k. In fact, when you tune into you.. it matters not what others do.

You will learn how to RESONATE more than you ever dreamed of so that people message you and say;
"Did you write that post about me!?" (Before you have even spoken to them). 

This is what successful online marketing does...
Clients are SOLD into your services and they message you wanting to sign up. They are your ideal clients who KNOW with certainty, that you are the one in a gazillion to help them.

It's always been about building relationships with them, but online and cold is about doing it before they are in front of you. That takes honesty and courage. 
And you work for yourself, so you have those traits nailed. Right?

There should literally be zero feelings of having to convince them of anything
<< that's where it may have been going wrong for you, up until now?

For this course to work you ONLY need a direct debit company or a normal Paypal account & one form of social media platform. 
Got that? We're good to go then.

This will work for you if you KNOW how to get people results with your coaching >> THAT is the pre-requisite. 
It is NOT for you if you have not had a client before. That requires being dishonest and using scripts, in my work we use your real life, your real transformations with clients 
(And I don't mean before and after pics, this transcends that as well.)

It's for you if;
You've used social media for a while but no matter what you post, people rarely want to 'work with you' because of your posts.

So you know how to get clients results but
- The technology is confusing...
- How does one put online services together?
- What do you teach?
- How do you go from one to many and remain top quality?
- How do you deliver the content, free or paid? How much of each?
- How do you build an online membership site? (hint - you don't need one)
- Who will buy from you?
- Where are these 'ideal' clients people speak of?

I'm not talking about delivering free sessions online. Or even posting 'tips'. That obvious, boring these days and mundane plus it hasn't worked since 2014. Why? Because everyone is doing it.
Is this starting to make sense now?

You don't need 100,000 followers or even 10k, you just need the ones who watch (silently), to WANT to buy. You.

That's the gold and no it's not about engagement either... (insert eye roll), please.


Let me hold your hand and kick your ass to get your genius online NOW, before it is 2031.
The right crowd are already watching ready to buy. You just simply need to call them in. 
Then get yourself out of the way

The competition will simply not exist when you learn to market like this. When you learn to let yourself out!
No slimy sales tactics needed. 
From a thought through to execution and receiving income (meaning sales!) 
No website or tech 'know-how' is needed.

Plus the bonus course included - Create Execute Enrol, will help you design, deliver and execute your online VIP course!
This, my friend, you can and will turn into a product that people CLICK AND BUY!
(After you have made it and run the live version. Yes I will show you how to do that part too).
Worth $297. But included with this as a bonus.
AND you also get 7 Days to Rapid Sales Secrets Course added in. Worth $97

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VIP Upgrade Available (2 one on one coaching calls)

 Plus I'll be totally honest with you... I am actually a very lazy person, or let's say I like to figure out the shortest way, path, road, effective method to actually getting the 'thing' done and therefore results achieved.
And that applies to getting a result from marketing as well... (in other words successfully calling in clients, with LESS work).

So before you get overwhelmed please know that the 'methods' that I will be showing you will enable you to do less (but more effective content),
rather than you 'having to post more content, or do more 'work' or 'take up more space' online

('taking up space' is in all honesty, a method, but it is very time consuming and tiring and busy coaches haven't time for that).
Personally I am not available for feeling as though I 'have to do more work'.
So 'more work' is simply NOT what I (or this course is) about...

Plus many the great online guru's are rarely skilled at building real life relationships, with the finesse that face to face coaches are.
Like you. 
It's taken me a few guru's to realise this. Nothing bad about them, just more about me not trusting myself to be myself. 
Have you ever felt like that?

This 30 days is for you if you;

- Have a face to face coaching business or a superpower to get clients results with your expertise and you have not yet figured out the online marketing world or been able to get social media to 'work' for you.
(Success means that clients have found you online, contacted you and then paid you. So have they?)

- You may have tried making basic 'tip of the day' kind of posts to no avail....
(It never did work, even before the pandemic hit, ok it worked prior to 2014, but it hasn't worked for a loonnnggg time).

So you need to stand out ASAP amongst the noise that is the ONLINE craziness at the moment, but you aren't so brilliant with technology.

I know how that feels I've been a coach for 22 yrs (fitness, nutrition and massage qualified),
not an internet marketer. I assure you (although I have spent $80k+ in learning 'how to do this' that's what you get condensed here),

Let's face it, for online to work, you DO need to understand 'how to market yourself' successfully.
When it works, clients message you and want to work with you, then they give you money.
It's pretty simple.
If that isn't happening, let's fix it.

The only tech you need to 'know how to use' is to use one form of social media. 
AND to know (deep inside) how you get your clients results.
This is where we build your marketing from by exposing your genius...

Why Start Now?
You could wait I guess and download another 10 free pdf's on 'how to' without ever getting stuck into the juice of the only thing that matters. 
(Being more you - then there is NO niche...)

Or you could choose to do it now..


The below example is what's possible. $10k in sales within 5 days when she implemented what I taught her...
(A method, which, to be honest is NOT being taught elsewhere...).

This method works for ALL service based industries.

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You Get;

  • ​Attracting your ideal client on repeat, from your genius zone, with simply words, so there is literally NO competition. You being YOU. All done organically, meaning no need to pay for ads.
  • ​Have access forever to the recordings and homework.
  • ​The course contains videos and short audio uploads and written prompts of home work, all within a Facebook group & a membership site. With resources unavailable anywhere else. 
  • ​PLUS you get the added bonus of my '7 Days to Rapid Sales Success Secrets' Course PLUS the 'Create, Execute, Enrol' 4 week course, showing you how to make your own online course, enrol people into NOW and then 'how and what' to have it available 'for sale', on autopilot later...
    (Evergreen automated income they call it)

NO software needed, no subscriptions or TECH needed, no ads. NONE.
Upfront or payment plan available.
PLUS it's all recorded & you get lifetime access to the material

Some experiences clients have had doing this work with me

A client just sent me this from her inbox. Paypal notifications of her course selling on repeat...

Meet Alicia, experienced marketer but had failed to launch high end, these were her results >>

Below, when we started work together this coaches biggest income months
were $5-8k/moth.
As of writing this she has months between $20-70k (She has zero contractors working for her. She simply mastered her marketing and package creation, exactly what I will be taking you through, step by step)

Why I made this course for you;

I've worked for myself in the health and fitness industry for 22 years.
I've spend over $80k 'trying and failing' learning marketing from online gurus, after spending $100k+ on my own technical genius with the human body, I won't bore you with my qualifications. I've been helping other coaches since 2004.
Let's just say that the internet marketing world does not understand a face to face practitioners journey or skillset as well as someone who does the thing, (we are relationship building masters - regardless of if you are an introvert or extrovert).

Online guru's are rarely skilled at building real life relationships, unlike most face to face coaches are.
Like you. 
It's taken me a few guru's to realise this. Nothing bad about them, just more about me not trusting myself to be myself. Ever felt like that?

Since 2012 I have run numerous online programs for up to 120 clients at once in the fitness, health and wellness industry. (As well as running a Personal Training business since 1998. For the last decade that did over 130 sessions/week from one on one to small group sessions.)

Online programs have ranged from 28 day to 12 week programs. From Menopausal women to personal trainers in business, to corporate health programs, to video making, to health and fertility programs.

I've also been a single mother during that time, and have had several home loans approved.
(In my country that means you need to show evidence of making well over $100,000 for multiple years in a row if you work for yourself before you become approved.)

Plus I was not always the 'expert' in the above online courses I created, I'll show you how to do it without the expertise needing to come from you. Eg, it can come from other people you simply interview if you know how to get them to contribute.

I know face to face business owners don't have time to put into online tech stuff, as I am one of them, so the online marketing world was not and is not built for us!
So it makes sense that it's freaking HARD if you try to implement all the 'online tech guru' stuff!

I want all the great practitioners and coaches out there to get traction online and understand that your skills in human relations can get you to ALL the places you need online. Without overcomplicating it. And it's simpler than you think!

This is the marketing course to end all courses.

What are you waiting for, click below to come through to the next page if you want into the action >>>
PLUS you get BONUS access to the 4 week course CREATE, EXECUTE, ENROL.  A $297 Course.
I will show you how to create, launch and sell your course online now, while we build it. NO tech needed!  AND my signature 7 Day Sales Course for all the 'know how' on how to sell effortlessly and ETHICALLY.

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